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Build multiple income streams

Whether you are working full-time, freelancing, or teaching art, Swirl helps you build and diversify your revenue streams. From art feedback to mentorships and commissions, it is up to you what sources of income you want to build.

Smoothly manage all your requests

View all the requests for your services in your Swirl Studio. Accept or skip and your customers will automatically get notified. Spend more time on your art and less time managing customers.

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Let's change the way art is taught

Swirl acknowledges the individuality of the artist and the student. Whether you teach best through short-form feedback or long-term engagements in a 1-on-1 or 1-to-many format, it is all in your hands. Everyone is unique.

Why you should give Swirl a try

While there exist many great platforms that have transformed how art education is accessed and taught, less has been done to empower the individual artist. Swirl is the first platform that is designed from the ground up to put the Artists at its center. We make money when you do, we grow when you do. We're in this together.

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Who uses Swirl?

Albert Kiefer

Creating architectural sketches with markers!

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Hi, my name is Will. I am a professional art educator. I specialize in colored pencil and pastel. I've been doing art for 25 years and teaching full-time since 2016.

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Hi, I'm Concept Artist, lead matte painter and compositing artist on 3D animation movies since 2014 on The jungle Bunch and Astro kid. I'm a teacher since 2018 at e-artsup school. I worked in music industry, Universal music, Believe, Sony music.

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Gilles Beloeil

I work in the CGI since 2002, discovered Photoshop in 1996. I am a concept artist/illustrator in the game/film industry since 2007, mainly on Assassin's Creed franchise. I also teach at CG Masters Academy since 2015.

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Digital Designer & Content Creator 24 yrs old, metro-ATL area

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Zakuga Mignon

Professional Illustrator. Worked on several book covers for Amazon and Barnes & Nobles of high fantasy, dark fantasy, and post apocalyptic novels.

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Clint Cearley

Illustrator, art educator and supervisor. Creator of Swatches art channel and educational materials. Illustration projects include: Dungeons & Dragons, Smite, Artifact, Magic: The Gathering, Legends of the Cryptids, and more.

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Swirl FAQ


  • What is Swirl?

    Swirl is a platform built for digital artists and designers to offer and manage art feedback, 1-on-1 lessons, mentorships (Coming soon) and commissions.

  • Who sets the pricing for each service?

    Pricing for each of the services is 100% the Artist's choice. Swirl does not dictate nor influence on how much you plan to charge for your services.

  • How do students find me?

    Our artists share their Swirl link on their social media channels or send it directly to their students or audience.

  • What other artists are currently live on Swirl?

    Currently, artists using Swirl come from different disciplines such as Concept Design, Illustration, 3D modeling. We're constantly adding more artists from other disciplines too. Stay tuned.