Set your availability and session duration

Pick the days you are available and choose your preferred time slots. Share your Swirl link with your students and your availability will automatically show up when they book a 1-on-1 session.

  • Fully control your availability
  • Easily decline 1-on-1 session requests
  • Your availability is up-to-date, no double bookings
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Choose your rate

Set the pricing that you see fit for a 1-on-1 video session. On Swirl, you choose the price for your services and we automatically collect payments via Stripe. Get paid to teach what you love.

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Manage all session requests in one place

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Share your Swirl link with your students and receive requests directly in your Swirl Studio. Commit to or skip requests, students will automatically get notified.

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Why offer 1-on-1 sessions on Swirl?

Personalized feedback and uninterrupted attention ensure high-quality feedback that can increase someone's learning curve exponentially.

At Swirl, we believe in the individuality of the artist and the student. We're building features to enhance your individual style of teaching while giving you the freedom to monetize as you wish.

Swirl FAQ


  • What is Swirl?

    Swirl is a platform built for digital artists and designers to offer and manage art feedback, 1-on-1 lessons, mentorships (Coming soon) and commissions.

  • Who sets the pricing for each service?

    Pricing for each of the services is 100% the Artist's choice. Swirl does not dictate nor influence on how much you plan to charge for your services.

  • What other artists are currently live on Swirl?

    Currently, artists using Swirl come from different disciplines such as Concept Design, Illustration, 3D modeling. We're constantly adding more artists from other disciplines too. Stay tuned.

  • Can I schedule my availability on multiple days and time slots?

    Yes, you're able to set up exactly which days of the week you're open for bookings. You can also select specific time slots during these days as well as the session duration.

  • What if I something comes up and I need to re-schedule?

    We are currently adding ways for you to easily re-schedule a session to another time. Stay tuned.

  • What if I cannot accept a session request?

    You always have the freedom to skip a request. You simply do this in the Swirl Studio in your "open" request list and the student will automatically get refunded and notiied.