Art Critique by

Clint Cearley

ILLUSTRATION - In-depth video feedback on improving a single image. The reasons behind recommended changes will be explained with draw-overs and paintovers included as needed. Want me to cover a specific issue or questions? Include a typed question on the image file and I'll do my best to address it during the review. Videos are approximately 25 minutes in duration.

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Select the artwork you want Clint Cearley to critique. Supported formats are jpg, png, mp4 or tif and a maximum of 10MB size.

This helps Clint Cearley assess your level. e.g., your ArtStation, Instagram or your own website.
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Please let Clint Cearley know if there is anything specific you want the critique to be focused on. Be as specific as you can, it will help the artist give you valuable review.

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Mimimum price for an Art Critique is $40.00.

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