About Swirl and Why we exist

The internet has allowed many creators to tap into a global distribution infrastructure and lowered the barriers to monetize their work. Many agree that there's never been a better time to start building and selling your online services, some have named this trend, The Creator Economy.

To us, this is more than an economic trend, it is about a movement, a re-positioning of the creative class at the core of our socio-economic fabric.

While we're not the first to believe that artists should be able to support themselves financially through the use of the available platforms, we're determined to be one of the first to build a dedicated platform to help individual artists monetize their audience on their own terms.

Swirl was born to be different. There are no hidden fees, no platform leverage or commoditization of your skills but only artists who own their audience and business. A shift from artists being a "component" of big platforms to artists being their own "platform".

We profit when our artists profit, we struggle when our artists struggle, we're in this together.

As a young company we're continuously working with our community of artists to find the right way to monetize their work. While we build this together and find the right fit, we believe there's never been a better time to venture out into the creative fields of Concept Art, Illustration and many more.

The future is bright,
Joakim, Malin & Ditri