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Help artists improve their passion

Help aspiring artists improve their art in pursuit of their passion. They highly value your input and guidance.

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André really helped me understand shadow shapes and I got some great pointers on what to work on next!

Smoothly receive, record and deliver requests

We know that you’re busy and that you have many ongoing projects. That’s why our most important mission is to streamline the review process for you.

Submit request

Your students or fans upload their art piece together with instructions on what help they need on your Swirl page.

They pay securely when submitting the request, however we only hold the amount untill you accept the request so that you don't have to worry about managing refunds.

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Manage requests

View the requests in the Swirl Studio. You can easily skip the ones you’re unable to answer - we take care of the communication and refund.

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The feedback

Record the art feedback on your IPad or Computer using your preferred method and upload it to the Swirl Studio. Image + text feedback is also supported.

We host the video or image file without any additional cost.

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We deliver your recording and you’ll get paid directly to your bank account or PayPal.

The requestee will be able to view and download the recording.

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Swirl FAQ


  • What is Swirl?

    Swirl is a platform built for digital artists and designers to offer and manage art feedback, 1-on-1 lessons, mentorships (Coming soon) and commissions.

  • Who sets the pricing for each service?

    Pricing for each of the services is 100% the Artist's choice. Swirl does not dictate nor influence on how much you plan to charge for your services.

  • What do other artists charge for art feedback?

    Pricing for art feedback depends on the time commitment and effort invested from artists or designers. Usually Commentary or Red line feedback are priced between $10-$40 for 15-20min while Paint Over or more in-depth critiques vary between $50-$200 per hour.

  • Can I record my art feedback in the Swirl interface?

    As of now, you can't record on Swirl but it is a feature we're currently exploring for future release. But it's easy to record it in your preferred software and upload it to Swirl. We take care of hosting the video and delivering it to your customer.

  • What other artists are currently live on Swirl?

    Currently, artists using Swirl come from different disciplines such as Concept Design, Illustration, 3D modeling. We're constantly adding more artists from other disciplines too. Stay tuned.